Cleopatra’s Coins Slot

Cleopatra themed slot games are extremely popular at Vegas casinos and this online slot version proves why. Cleopatra’s Coins has no pretence but a lot of heart as the reels respond generously with various forms of wins on a very regular basis. Will you manage to spin your way to a fortune?

Cleopatra’s beauty is as legendary as her immense wealth, so it seems only fitting that the first feature we talk about, involves the legendary Queen of the Nile. Cleopatra was no kitten (although she favored cats), so don’t expect a smiling, overly friendly pharaoh. She remains every inch the ruler, never letting up on her regal stare. But don’t be over sensitive… She is generous to a fault, and favors YOU over any General or Emperor, as the love of her life, Marc Anthony and another famous love interest, Julius Caesar, discovered.

Good fortune seemed eternally to shine on this beauty, and so it will be for you on Cleopatra’s Coins, especially during the bonus game, when you enter her secret chamber. Her generosity is exceptional and the 3x multiplier adds up very quickly to pay you a small fortune. In the queen’s famous words: “Not every emperor or general will have my treasures. In my secret chamber you may find great wealth. Smash the urns to reveal that which lies within. I will allow you to smash one urn for each bonus coin on the reels which triggered this round.” There are many urns to choose from, and I’ve yet to find one that did not reveal a handsome prize. Once the bonus round is completed, some very friendly Egyptian girls hand you your prize, giggling and giddy at your good fortune.

Pay attention to the graphics, as there are some small, yet glorious special moments, for instance, the Sphinx symbol that turns from day into night; the Scarab (wild) that flutters its wings; and when you get 3 or more Cobras to start the free spins feature, Cleopatra shows her adoration with a kiss on the Cobras forehead. Of all the casino games created in honor of the wealthiest ruler in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra’s Coins online slot is as generous as the Nile when it flows from sun baked dunes to the pyramid’s inner chamber, liberally giving up treasures. Game Development by Rival. Casino GrandBay is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.