City of Gold Slot

Crystal skulls, golden statues and turquoise jewels… Riches of an ancient & mysterious Aztec civilisation who’s angular pyramid temple nestles deep within the the forest, waiting to be discovered. By you.

When you’re looking to play an adventure themed slot, you want the real deal. You want to feel like you’re following a river of liquid gold and you definitely want to be rewarded for your effort – preferably with treasures that can be turned into cash.     City of Gold won’t disappoint. Not only will you have the utter pleasure of feasting your eyes on gorgeous graphics and vivid colours that are true to the theme of the slot, Saucify even took care to make sure that the shading of the spinning globe jewel is perfect. Such a pleasure to play.     As you venture deep into the heart of a lush forest, you’ll come across the symbols that will guide you on your way, like classic statues, precious jewels and even a crystal skull with special powers, which reminded me of the last Indiana Jones movie. Even the playing card symbols are a perfect fit for the theme and appropriately decorated.     With 20 lines, this online slot is a sure bet as it caters for any pocket with a wide range of spin costs. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you will benefit from all the many great features that have one common goal: to make you win I’m going to start with the liquid Gold Bonus Feature Game, since this is one of the most outstanding unique features of this online game. In essence it’s a pick-em game, but really, it’s so much more. First you’ll need to choose between 3 statues. Then you’ll have to decide which path the liquid gold must flow. As it makes it’s way, you get to choose different prizes en route, as well as twist special spigots to open channels for the gold. It’s absolutely beautifully done and will captivate you.     Of course your chances for mega wins are excellent on this bonus feature game, but even bigger wins can come from the free spins bonus – and that proves my point. There are many ways to get to the temple, as long as you get there, because in the end, you’ll be collecting wins all the way. Game Development by Saucify. Casino GrandBay is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.