The Slotfather II Slot

The Godfather said that revenge is a dish best served cold, and this is certainly how you’ll feel when you start cashing in on a jackpot that can reach as much as $5000… Welcome to Slotfather II online casino game.

This mobster-themed online casino slot is as much of a thriller as the epic movies that lent inspiration to its developers, Betsoft.     Gather some guts and venture into the realm of organised crime when you partner with some colourful characters to spin away for some exciting payouts and revolving action.     Pick and choose your coin size (up to 5 coins per payline, and there are 30 of them), with the maximum bet per spin being $150. With a large variety of bonus features and free games on offer, you’ll quickly become acquainted with Sammy Quick Fingers, Fat Tony, Frankie the Fixer and The Slotfather himself, your scatter symbol.     There will be no sleeping with the fishes with this online casino game, only Vegas Casino style winning, baby!