Tanzakura Slot

Tanzakura is of the Samurai casino game genre that has proven very popular both at Las Vegas Casinos as well as online casinos. Here, at RoadHouse Reels Online Casino, Tanzakura Video Slot will transport you instantly to the magic and allure of 14th Century Japan.

This slot game manages to do what so many other online slots fail at: It skillfully immerses you into the riveting tale of two Samurai hunters (Shiro and Kin) who are out hunting.

From opposite directions they approach a holy and very rare magical red crowned crane, but, on sensing the imminent attack, the crane transforms into the spirit maiden “Tanzakura”. She then conjures up more cranes as a gift to the hunters.

Don’t see this as a spoiler alert, but we just want to let you know that her gift also becomes YOUR gift on the Crane Hunter Feature game, and your gambling on this fifty line video slot becomes a safe bet with the double direction paylines and triple high character symbols.

Tanzakura herself eventually transforms back into a crane before taking flight toward the mountain temple, but not before you’ve experienced the adventure of a Samurai quest for honor.

This online slot magnificently reflects a bygone era with gorgeous graphics and theme, online game play and atmosphere guarantees true gambling excitement and proves that effort can bring good luck on a casino slot.     

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