Sirens’ Serenade Slot

You will need to be brave when you give in to the sweet melody of Sirens’ Serenade Video Slot. Why? Because the sirens of the sea (the scary cousins of the beloved mermaid) have received a bad rap for centuries… But it’s not all bad! If you think you’re about to be shipwrecked on the rocks, just wait!

Allow yourself to be lured by women so beautiful, their voices so enchanting, that they enticed sailors with their captivating music to a watery grave.

Our casino game, Sirens’ Serenade Video Slot, is a dramatic, exciting new take on the age-old tale and you can relax, because this is a 25 line slot with a winning tune!

In fact, on Sirens’ Serenade you WANT to land up on the rocks, because the rock symbol triggers Free Spins. And it’s like the gift that keeps on giving, because Free Spins can be activated again during the Free Spins feature!

Not many people can claim that they’ve actually laid eyes on a Siren, but lucky you! When you see the gorgeous, raven haired Siren as a Double High Wild, this online game will shell out double your wins.

Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered and are paid in addition to payline wins. Plus, causing mayhem is not all Sirens are known for. If you find favor with a Siren (like the beautiful specimen on our casino game), they can make you extremely lucky, and LUCK WILL FOLLOW YOU everywhere you go!

It seems your bet is safe with Sirens’ Serenade slot.

Block your ears with wax if you want, but hear this: This VERY special, enthralling & hauntingly beautiful slot is going to take you to new winning heights! Heed the call and experience great gambling at our online casino today. Succumb to the Sirens’ Serenade to WIN! Deliciously Dangerous!    

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