Ogre Empire Slot

Ogres are notoriously ill-tempered, and the star of this online slot is a particularly grouchy beast. He’s also holding a town full of people hostage & nothing helps except when you spin the reels.

This casino game has a day mode and a night mode and kicks off during the Day Mode. The significance of this is that it means the giant green beast is wide awake and ready to smash some reels. (Okay, admittedly is IS fun when he lashes out and stuff goes flying all over the screen, plus, you’ll get 4x whatever your stake was when he does.) But the townspeople are counting on YOU to let night roll in, because this is the only time they get to go outside.     

Apart from winning jackpot sized wins in both modes, the Sun Bloom Wild Flower grows into nearby symbols, turning 3 additional symbols to Wild. The Double Up Game tests how brave you are by giving you the chance to double or nothing your latest win. It’s optional, so don’t feel any peer pressure… The Ogre in this online video slot certainly looks like he’s going pull some of that ogre stuff, you know, throttle somebody, lay siege to a fortress, grind some bones, you know, the whole ogre trip.    

Give yourself over to the magical enchantment of OGRE EMPIRE where the struggle is reel and the rewards are nothing short of mythical! Game Development by BetSoft. RoadHouse Reels is part of The GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.