Captain Shockwave Slot

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? When you play Captain Shockwave online slot, you’ll at least have extraordinary winning powers, even if you’re not wearing a cool costume.

Popularity of the superhero genre is at an all time high, and if you feel it’s about time you take home a jackpot with big fat piles of winnings, Captain Shockwave will satisfy your taste for justice.    

Our masked and cloaked hero, (it says Raymond Reilly on his birth certificate) knew from early childhood that he was not like other children because he was able to manipulate sonic waves.    

Happily living on a farm with Mom, Dad and his beloved dog Sonar, his entire world is shattered at age 22, and Captain Shockwave is born.   

With the number one objective of destroying the evil super villainous corporation that destroyed his life, Captain Shockwave & Sonar set out to protect the innocent, and that will occasionally (oh, who am I kidding, frequently) result in more than 39 winning combinations (and sporadic property damage).    

This slot truly is a solid bet, with the top jackpot in the Alpha Squad Captain Shockwave slots game being 6000 coins, which equals $15,000 if you play max bet.    

For those who start of more conservatively, for a bet of just $0.01 you could win $60. This is won by getting 5 wild Captain Shockwave symbols on any activated payline.   

Prediction: Although you will love Captain Shockwave, Sonar is the true legend of this casino game as his Free Spins feature will seem to have been designed for you. It’s as easy as getting three or more dog scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels for a great time and the potential for huge bonus rounds. It even has a comic book like pay table which takes you through the story.   

This slot is a marvel.     Game Development by Saucify. RoadHouse Reels Online Casino is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.