Blood Eternal Slot

Are you a die-hard fan of Vampires? Then ask yourself: Are you ready for a very candid game review? The gist is that this casino game is all about good looking Vampires hunting for Human victims and that you can put a stake through the reels by winning up to 50,000 coins in a single spin.

I don’t know about you, but when I read a game review, I want it to be real. I don’t want a nice story and some compilation of virtues. I want to KNOW what that person felt or experienced when he/she played the game. So that’s my focus going into any game I have to review. Therefore, expect this to be candid.     Here goes, with my first candid statement: My first run on this slot was not lucrative. I started with very high expectations and came up short. I wanted to see the action. I wanted to be the hunter, dodging bloodsucking vampires. But alas, it was over before it began. After I heard others saying how much they enjoyed it, I decided to go in again – and this time I was not disappointed!     Candid statement number two: I got the Vampires, I got the bats, I got the action I missed the first time – and I felt like I sucked the life from this slot, the wins were soooo good! Bram Stoker’s fabulously famous Dracula first hit the shelves in 1897 and more than a century later, the world has gone Vampire crazy. I’m now one of those fans – but only after my 2nd and 3rd times on this double direction video slot. (Which in itself proves a point: That you shouldn’t give up before you’ve given a casino game some time to yield results.)     To activate the free spins feature you need to get a Vampire on reels 2 and/or 5; with a Human adjacent on reels 3 and/or 4. And, hey presto I got it! What I wasn’t prepared for, was the Vampire promptly sinking its fangs into the neck of the Human… And then the rees simply did the rest. On every spin I collected spectacular wins. This is where the WILDS will make their appearance. The other very exciting feature that I got on my 2nd attempt, were the bats. What makes them so special, is that there are 2 types of bats. The regular bat and then the x2 Bat. The x2 Bat Symbol acts as a normal BAT symbol, BUT it counts as 2! So, for example, on a line of 5x Bats, where two of them are x2 Bat Symbols, you will have a win of 7 Bats! This exponentially increases your chance of winning big when the bats appear – especially in comparison with the other symbols.     The reels are not slow, but if you want a super charged pace, just click on setting and activate the Turbo Play option. Coin size varies from 01c to $1,00 per bet and to go Max bet you can easily choose that option and the slot does the rest. There’s a Double Up Feature with a Heads or Tails option to try and double any standard wins. You can opt for a 50% option as well, so in the event that the coin flip doesn’t fall in your favor, you haven’t lost everything. I enjoyed the gargoyles, the holy water, the vials of blood and the spooky house and no doubt I have this favorable outlook because I actually did win handsomely on this slot. My advice? Try it – not just once, go for it and and enjoy the ride. Game Development by BetSoft. RoadHouse Reels Online Casinos is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos.